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March 19 2020

Evening Primrose flowers bloom inside cage protected from Deer browse

Posted in 2020 Journal, Habitat

January 02 2020

Fallen trees from 2015 flood debris are left on the ground to decompose in place.

Posted in 2020 Journal, Habitat, Erosion

December 15 2019

Hunters shot 5 Deer

1 Buck around 3 years old, 1 Spike around 2 years old, 2 youn Does, 1 Doe around 3 years old


Vultures roosting in a bare tree along the river

Posted in 2019 Journal, Census, Habitat

November 24 2019

Fall Aster

Posted in 2019 Journal, Habitat

November 18 2019

Blanco River with one of the few standing Cypress trees that survived the 2015 flood event.

Posted in 2019 Journal, Habitat

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