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Nature is a world of beauty and wonder. But there is no need to travel far to experience the joys of the natural world. All you have to do is slow down and look at the universe teeming with life right in your own backyard! Whether your backyard is big or small, wonders abound.

Landowners can nurture nature through Texas' Wildlife Management program which allows land that is currently valued as agricultural use, to switch to Wildlife Management. Wildlife Management prevents overgrazing and provides habitats for the benefit of native Texas plant and animal species.

Homeowners can create vibrant backyard habitats for birds, butterflies and other creatures by implementing the principles of Wildlife Management.

So jump in and start exploring ways to create a nature wonderland wherever you are!

  • Natural Beauty - The Waterstone Galleries feature photographs that illustrate the diversity of plants and animals seen on the land.
  • Observations - The Waterstone Journal is log of Wildlife Management activities and observations.
  • Learn - The Frequently Asked Questions offer basic information about Wildlife Management including links to off-site resources.
  • Examples - Finally, the Waterstone Management Plans provide a detailed example of how to craft a plan.

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