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January 02 2020

Fallen trees from 2015 flood debris are left on the ground to decompose in place.

Posted in Habitat, Erosion, 2020 Journal

January 06 2019

Dead branches of Ashe Juniper are cut and neatly arranged on contour for ersosion control.

Posted in Erosion, 2019 Journal

June 12 2018

  • Placed juniper brush on eroded berm in pasture.

Posted in Erosion, 2018 Journal

May 22 2018

Rat snake seen in pond among reeds, probably hunting frogs.

  • Made adjustments to dirt speed bumps to divert rain water into fields along the side of the road. Arranged cedar branches on contour to slow erosion.

Posted in Census, Erosion, 2018 Journal

December 04 2017

The Draw holding water after a rain.

Posted in Erosion, 2017 Journal

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