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September 05 2006

Rain! Finally, 1 inch or more, a good slow soaking. Birds very active in drizzle after rain.

Planted Buffalo Grass and watersto_jennystone mix around edges of roads near house

Many hummingbirds (20 or more) - Ruby Throated, Black Chinned, Rufous. Continued to feed hummingbirds and keep ant guards full. Yellow jacket wasps visiting hummingbird feeders, but harassing hummingbirds. Put up wasp trap.

hummingbird feeder with ant guard

Caretaker's note: The cup of water hung above the feeder keeps ants out of the hummingbird food. The water guards also provide another drinking place for thirsty birds in the drought.

The hummingbird feeding mixture is 4 parts water to 1 part plain white sugar. Do not cook to dissolve, just stir very well and keep refrigerated. It is not necessary to add red dye to the feeding mixture because the red color on the feeder will attract the hummingbirds.


Caretaker's note: Continued feeding stations. Animals benefit from supplemental feeding, black oil sunflower seeds are a favorite for many species. Using 900 pounds a week

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